Live Programs

► Workshops/Trainings: Racial Equity in School Health: A Groundwater Approach

This multi-disciplinary workshop is designed to establish a foundational understanding of how race-based structural inequities impact school health access and outcomes. This foundation will provide school administrators, school nurses, athletic trainers, school counselors and others with basic tools to refine practice and management systems to create more inclusive, safe and effective student experiences in health offices and across school campuses.

Nurse Leader Programs

These networking meetings and programs are designed to meet the professional development needs of school nurse leaders. Attendance is required of all Essential School Health Services (ESHS) district nurse leaders. All school nurse leaders in Massachusetts are encouraged to attend.

► ESHS Quarterly Meetings
► ESHS Nurse Leader Orientation
► Introduction to School Nurse Leadership

Regional Meetings

Essential School Health Services (ESHS) Regional Consultants sponsor quarterly meetings for all school nurse leaders in their regions. These meetings provide networking and consultation opportunities in areas such as leadership development, policies, emergency preparedness, and the role of the school nurse leader. Click on your region to learn when these programs will be offered in your area.

► Boston | Metro West
► Northeast
► Southeast
► Central
► Western

Team Meetings

School Health Services at the MA Department of Public Health (MDPH) is committed to ensuring that students have access to high quality school health services that meet accepted standards. MDPH sponsors a number of initiatives designed to ensure the continued advancement and quality of school nurse practice. These meetings are open only to approved team members participating in these initiatives.

► ESHS Evaluation Team Meetings
► ESHS Regional Consultants Meetings
► Innovative Care Coordination (ICC) Team Meetings