Clinicians Seeking Credit

Individual physicians now have the opportunity to fulfill their MOC Part IV requirements through meaningful participation in a QI Effort at BMC. In order a project to be eligible for credit, a project leader or designee must submit the project to the BMC Portfolio Program using the BMC Portfolio Application System. For more details, please see QI Project Leaders.

What is the definition of ‘Meaningful Participation’?

Meaningful participation refers to the active participation of physician participants in QI Efforts through implementing interventions, interpreting performance data, and personal reflection. The project leader is responsible for ensuring that the QI Effort meets the requirements for Meaningful Participation. To review the requirements, please see Meaningful Participation Criteria.

In order for your participation to meet the Meaningful Participation requirement and to receive credit, you must:

Relationship of Portfolio Program Participation
and Member Board Recognition for MOC Part IV
Improvement in Medical Practice

Currently, the BMC Portfolio Program can issue MOC Part IV credit
for 21 out of 24 specialty boards.
Board MOC Part IV Improvement in Medical Practice
(Credit Equivalency)
Allergy and Immunology 1 practice assessment module
Anesthesiology Traditional MOCA: 1 Part IV Case Evaluation
MOCA 2.0: Up to 20 Part II Points for Participants
MOCA 2.0: Up to 25 Part II Points for Leaders
Dermatology 1 Part IV practice assessment QI module
Emergency Medicine 1 patient care practice improvement activity
Family Medicine 1 module or 20 points depending on certification year
Internal Medicine 20 Practice Assessment points
Medical Genetics and Genomics 1 clinical practice module
Obstetrics and Gynecology 1 Part IV assignment (max allowed per calendar year)
Ophthalmology 1 practice performance module
Orthopaedic Surgery 1 Performance in Practice (PIP) Clinical Module (10 SAE credits).
1 PIP feedback module for QI activities involving a patient or peer survey (10 SAE credits)
Otolaryngology 1 performance improvement module
Pathology 1 Part IV activity
Pediatrics 1 Part IV activity or 25 points depending on certification year
Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 1 practice improvement project
Plastic Surgery 1 Practice Assessment in Plastic Surgery (PA-PS) TracerProcedure module
Preventive Medicine 1 practice performance assessment
Psychiatry and Neurology 1 Improvement in Medical Practice (PIP) Clinical Module
Radiology 1 Practice Quality Improvement (PQI) project
Surgery 1 quality assessment program or participation in a national, regional, or local outcomes database
Thoracic Surgery 1 activity or quality assessment program
Urology 1 MOC-PS activity


Please contact Emma Trucks ( or Emily Jansen ( in the BUSM CME office with any questions or concerns.