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"IHI collaborated with Dr. Mike Evans, Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, to create a dynamic, animated whiteboard video that introduces the concepts of quality improvement in health care. Dr. Evans has become well-known in health care circles for his fast-paced videos that have attracted millions of views on YouTube.

In the video, Evans starts with a simple question: Why should you care about quality improvement? He presents a brief history of QI (including a "Mount Rushmore" of improvers), then touches on system design, the Model for Improvement, and the familiar challenge, "What can you do by next Tuesday?" — all in less than nine minutes!"

Made available from The Institute for Healthcare Improvement.


QI Curriculum at BMC

What is the BMC QI Curriculum?

The BMC QI Curriculum is a collection of 12 slide sets representing 11 basic QI skills that will benefit every clinician at BMC and affiliated CHCs. It is meant to provide a foundation of basic QI concepts and skills and offer tools to help clinicians as they engage in QI on campus.


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  • CreditAmounts:
    • CME: 1.50
    • CNE: 1.50
  • Expires: Feb 23, 2019
  • Cost: Free
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