Tools and Resources

Planning Your QI Effort

  • Charter Instructions
  • Charter Form: The Institute for Healthcare Improvement Open School Charter Form helps you create a blueprint for your project. When you fill out the QI Effort Proposal, we will ask you many of the same questions that appear on the charter. The IHI Charter may be helpful resource during planning meetings as your project coalesces.

Implementation Science

Interested in receiving guidance on study design and improvement science research methods? Consider reaching out to Center for Implementation and Improvement Sciences (CIIS).

Current State Tools

Introduction to Current State Assessment Though not required to submit, we advise completing a current state assessment while planning your QI project, and submit a current state assessment with your application.

Information Gathering Tools

Measurement and Sampling Tools

Introduction to Data Measurement All QI projects must have ongoing and continued measurement. Measurement is a critical part of testing and implementing changes. Measures tell a team whether the changes they are making actually lead to improvement. It is this learning that will guide intervention modification and future tests of change.

Graphing QI Data and Run Chart Templates

It is essential to graph data over time in order to determine if improvement has really occurred. A baseline data assessment should be used to establish your baseline performance. We recommend reviewing the literature for performance benchmarks and determine if there are any nationally endorsed quality-of-care indicators. Specific aim statements should be written with explicit performance goals for each of your metrics. Run Charts and/or Statistical Process Control Charts should be used to track your quality improvement data over time.

To be approved for MOC Part IV Credit, you must submit data on at least three cycles of improvement on at least one of your defined metrics.


Reporting QI Effort Results


Many of the resources presented here are available from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement. For more information and QI education modules, please visit: Institute for Healthcare Improvement