Maintenance of Certification (MOC) at BMC

Boston Medical Center (BMC) is an approved Portfolio Sponsor through the American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) Portfolio Program. QI Efforts occurring at BMC and affiliated community health centers may now apply directly to the BMC Portfolio Program to secure Maintenance of Certification (MOC) Part IV Credit. Board certified physicians are responsible for maintaining their certification. Traditionally, physicians struggle to meet the requirements for MOC individually and often feel that the endeavors were not meaningful to their practice. The BMC Portfolio Program can help transform the MOC Part IV experience into a team-based effort that is relevant to daily practice. By creating one set of guidelines across an organization for all participating boards, the ABMS Portfolio Program streamlines this complicated process. To learn more about the ABMS Portfolio Program you can reference their website HERE.

The Benefits:

  • Encourages motivation to participate in BMC QI efforts
  • MOC Part IV becomes a team effort, not individual struggle
  • MOC Part IV experience becomes meaningful for physicians and results are more effective for patients

BMC Portfolio Program MOC Committee:


James Moses, MD – Associate Chief Quality Officer at Boston Medical Center

Committee Members:

Willy Baker, MD
Ron Iverson, MD
Brian Jacobson, MD, MPH
David McAneny, MD
Lauren Nentwich, MD
Charlie Williams, MD
CME Office (Emily Jansen, MPH, Emma Trucks, MPH, Julie White, MS, CHCP)